Learn how to STOP doing work you don’t care about living a life you feel ‘Meh’ about & course-correct to your TRUE Soul purpose

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Makes you feel alive!Means writing your own rules!Requires some band-aid ripping!Grabs you by the coconuts!Contains (lots of) peanut butter)!Will tingle your nether-regions!Is better than sex (& possibly chocolate)!Will knock your birkenstocks off!Feels like whoa!Is entirely freaking possible!Is actually easier than you thought!Is yours for the taking making!Does not happen by accident!

Hey there,

I'm Kris!

Kris 11

Some like to refer to me as a modern mystic meets mainstream marketing maven! I have made it my mission to use my fusion of gifts and skills to help people get-unstucklevel up, make money from the stuff that sets their heart on fire by and re-align with their soul's true purpose!


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Kris 11



FUCK-YES Business

Earns you moolah while you sleep!Lights you the fuck up!Is your ticket to freedom!Flips the bird to burnout!Turns your passion into a paycheck!Makes a difference in the world!Eats fear for breakfast (& pancakes)!Raises everybody up!Gives you permission to live your dreams!Fills up your heart AND your bank account!Is entirely freaking possible!Is not going to build itself without you!

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I'm on a mission to teach you:

How to tap into your intuition — and the wisdom of your body — to live a life which is completely aligned with your soul's true calling.

How it feels to truly live your ‘Plan A’ life — and the limiting beliefs that stop SO many people from ever making it happen.

Why the Universe WANTS you to share your gifts with the world (and how you can get the Big U on side and working in your favour).

The myth of the broke-ass lightworker (and why following your soul’s calling does NOT mean you need to forgo financial abundance).

Powerful techniques to take you from Chaos to Calm that you can put into action TODAY across all areas of your life and business.


"Kris has the biggest heart and is the most hilarious person I've ever met! She discovered some natural biz talents I already had that I never even knew existed and totally changed the foundation of my biz. Kris is definitely a kick-ass coach that I would trust to guide me to abundant success."

Pamela Chen

Creatrix of the unicorn tarot | Crystal Intuitive | elixirs expert Magicalpal


"Two years ago I was in a corporate job that didn’t light me up and put limitations on my capabilities, skills and beliefs. And then I met Kris. And my life changed. Kris knew where I was because she had been there herself. She brought me, my passions, my talents and my abilities back to life. She brought them to the forefront.

Through her I’ve gone from corporate clog in the wheel to a successful business owner where I am changing the world one word at a time. I will forever be thankful to Kris and continue a strong relationship where she helps me to ‘go big and bold or go home’. I live a completely different life now and it’s thanks to her. "

Kim Tunbridge




"Kris is a superstar. I am forever grateful for her. She told me that my brick and mortar business would be successful when I was 9 months in and was about to give up. Now, I have 3 studios and a never ending growing client base. That belief she gave me helped me like no other. Thank you beautiful! X"

Ashleigh O’Donnell

CEO of Pilates X Australia + the developer of the Pilates X method



"Kris is the REAL DEAL. She is insanely smart, has a ton of industry knowledge, and is truly gifted at helping your uniqueness shine as an entrepreneur. Plus she is hilarious and SO much fun to be around. Within minutes of first meeting Kris, I felt like she completely understood me, what I'm all about, and my bigger vision. She helped me see some big blocks and identified ways I was trying to fit into a mold. Thanks to Kris's tangible strategies for tweaking my messaging, programs, and platforms, I am able to better reach and convert my ideal clients. And more clients = more money = more freedom and energy to keep doing the good work! Thank you Kris for empowering all of us to shine a little brighter and have way more fun in the process."


Elizabeth Su

"The Woula" Wedding Doula +  life coach