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As well as being a beautiful human being and a kick ass digital marketing guru, Kris is a great example of what you can achieve if you really listen to your inner voice and follow your dreams. She will show anyone that with true commitment and the right guidance - both from within and from the people around – you can unlock that inner voice and self-drive that will lead to finding true success and purpose in your life.

Kris has that extraordinary ability to connect with people and make them feel comfortable and at ease. Her coaching and intuitive guiding would help anyone to unlock their true potential and to put in place the right strategy and steps to create prosperity and fulfilment in both physical and spiritual sense.

Irena macri

founder, eat drink paleo, published author 



"Kris has the biggest heart and is the most hilarious person I've ever met! She discovered some natural biz talents I already had that I never even knew existed and totally changed the foundation of my biz.

Kris is definitely a kick ass coach that I would trust to guide me to abundant success."

Pamela Chen

Creatrix of the unicorn tarot | unicorn + crystal intuitive + elixirs expert




Kris is sassy, fun, knowledgeable and more importantly insanely insightful - everything a modern day light worker should be! With her mix of corporate knowledge and eerily accurate readings she has been able to give guidance and new life to areas of my career that I have been lost and stagnant in. If you're feeling stuck and unsure of where to go next, she's your girl! 10/10 would (and do) recommend to any friend!

chloe horder

ceo, chloe horder media 



Kris is the REAL DEAL. She is insanely smart, has a ton of industry knowledge, and is truly gifted at helping your uniqueness shine as an entrepreneur. Plus she is hilarious and SO much fun to be around. Within minutes of first meeting Kris, I felt like she completely understood me, what I'm all about, and my bigger vision. She helped me see some big blocks and identified ways I was trying to fit into a mold. Thanks to Kris's tangible strategies for tweaking my messaging, programs, and platforms, I am able to better reach and convert my ideal clients. And more clients = more money = more freedom and energy to keep doing the good work! Thank you Kris for empowering all of us to shine a little brighter and have way more fun in the process. ❤


The "Woula" AKA Wedding Coach and Doula




Kris is a superstar. I am forever grateful for her. She told me that my brick and mortar business would be successful when I was 9 months in and was about to give up. Now, I have 3 studios and a never ending growing client base. That belief she gave me helped me like no other. Thank you beautiful! X







Kris is raw, she is real, she speaks her truth and from the moment we met I knew I had connected with a powerful woman.

Kris helped me connect deeply with my WHY to live true to my purpose and step fully in to my power.  She has provided insight and guidance, supporting me to achieve clarity in the launch of my business.  And as my business grows, Kris has been an integral part in strategy sessions ensuring my business expands with heart and soul.    

Kris is a SUPER SOUL with a wealth of knowledge to share.  She is filled with love, care and compassion for her clients.  I highly recommend Kris to anyone who is ready to be a change maker, an influencer and a shining light on our world.







Two years ago I was in a corporate job that didn’t light me up and put limitations on my capabilities, skills and beliefs. And then I met Kris. And my life changed. Kris knew where I was because she had been there herself. She brought me, my passions, my talents and my abilities back to life. She brought them to the forefront.


Through her I’ve gone from corporate clog in the wheel to a successful business owner where I am changing the world one word at a time. I will forever be thankful to Kris and continue a strong relationship where she helps me to ‘go big and bold or go home’. I live a completely different life now and it’s thanks to her.






Kris is one of those special beings who has a huge heart and a truck load of logic. I watch what she does with women and I know it comes not only from the heart but from a place of extensive expertise and a genuinely deep want to help people shine and succeed. However that may look for them. She has walked the path and wants to help others grow. A woman who devotes herself to this kind of light and service is my kind of woman, which is just one of the many reasons why I love Kris.


ACTRESS, Entrepreneur, Activist



I adore Kris. Her zest and passion for helping other women is radical and divine. Her honesty, generosity, and wisdom are so refreshing, real and bold. Her light is so bright... her heart is so big... everything she does inspires me! I love being in her presence, learning from her, and feeling brighter in every way.

I recommend Kris to anyone in need of an intuitive nudge in the right direction. She will inspire your mind and dive deep into your Soul. She will help you soar on the wings you've had all along.

Kris Franken

Author & Writer



"Kris has a powerful gift, combining her natural intuitive insights, business life experience, and no-bullshit attitude to help people get clear and inspired to move into their destiny."

corina sahlin

Certified transformative life coach in feminine power & owner of marblemount homestead Washington, usa 





Kris is truly one of a kind. Her love and compassion for people is so strong and she genuinely always has my best interests at heart when she is working with me. Her positive attitude is contagious, and always brings me back up to the highest level that I need to perform.

Kris has a strong background in marketing and her technical ability in that domain is incredible. Couple that with her power to manifest whatever she wants in life - it's a force to be reckoned with.

If you want to work with someone who will take into account all the facets of your life (not just business) then I think that you'll love working with Kris.

She has been in my life for all of my major life decisions and has helped me along from a place of non-judgement. She really listens to me and makes sure I feel understood.

mare jordan forfa

director - passgamsat | director - doctors collective




Kristina was the angel that popped into my life at a major crossroad and I never plan on letting her go. Her intuitive guidance is always honest, scarily accurate and delivered beautifully. Thank you for being exactly you!


Michelle, A.

Head of Trade Marketing, News Ltd.



Kris saw my ideas and passion for what I do as a transformational - holistic health coach and reflected back to me the huge potential of how my work can positively impact the world. I now feel really inspired and fired up to launch my coaching program and begin supporting women in being happy, healthy, energized and deeply inspired.


Julia schneider

Trasformational holistic health & relationships Coach toronto, canada 


I am an established professional working in Banking and Financial Services. Kris has provided personal consulting to me for a number of years. I have benefited by being supported to climb the corporate ladder and find balance in my personal life.

Kris is the most open minded and big hearted person I know. But don’t let this fool you, she is also shrewd and matter of fact when working with me to delve to the heart of what is holding me back.

Kris would help me analyse the obstacle inside me holding me back, perhaps an insecurity - real or imagined. If real, like lacking a skill, we’d plan how to fill that gap or accept.  If imagined, well that’s where Kris comes into her own. She helps shine a light on the negative stories we make up about ourselves and change from the inside out.

Thank you Kris, you are one in a million.

Astrid Scott

Private banking specialist - macquarie bank



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