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Meet Kris M. Love, Kris is what some call a modern mystic meets mainstream marketing maven. A 4th generation psychic-medium Kris is also a highly acclaimed and sought-after multi-media marketing specialist after having spent 15+ years working across some of the world’s biggest luxury brands, magazines, tv shows, and online publishers.

For years she balanced these two worlds side by side until she was brought to her knees by a health crisis in 2014 and trajectory of her entire life changed overnight.

Since then Kris has become the go-to secret weapon of some of the world’s most elite entrepreneurs as both a soul guidance coach and intuitive business strategist, helping the stuck, the burnt out and the how-the-hell-did-I-end-up-here? to get unstuck, activate their untapped power, do the work that sets their soul on fire, and live like their life depends on it (because spoiler alert: it f*cking does).

Her second favorite *F-word* is FUN.


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The Backstory: How I Ended Up Here Today...

F*ckity - F*ck - F*ck

What else do you say, when you’re in the best job you’ve ever had, doing advertising and marketing for big name brands like Prada, Versace Yahoo!, Fox8, Australia’s Next Top Model, Project Runway, Audi, and Samsung (shameless multiple name-drop alert!), winning promotions, zooming up the corporate ladder, earning $140k per year… and you realise your health is failing faster than you can order a double shot espresso and there is absolutely nothing you can do to stop it.

On paper, I was living The Dream ™.

In reality? My soul was aching. My body was breaking. And a lifetime of deep-seated family wounds were catching up with me... but I just kept pushing it all down hoping it would dissapear so I could get on with my 'job'.

Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, PCOS, PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, & Eating Disorders…

The body never lies. So even if a [big] part of me wanted to ignore the fact that my spirit was chaffing inside the life I’d created for myself, my earth-suit wouldn’t let me. (Thanks, body — you fleshy compass of truth.)


F*ck this.

Every hour sitting at my desk was agony. And the pain and fatigue (one of my LEAST favourite F words) made even the most basic tasks of daily living seem insurmountable. So I had no choice but to step back from the corporate world — from the glam brand launches, the glossy magazine shoots, and the safe-ass luxury of having someone else sign my paycheck — and take a big fat time-out.

One scary trip to the emergency room and 9 months of sick leave later, I found myself saying sayonara to my ‘dream’ corporate gig for good. Declared ‘redundant’, I returned one last time to gather my things, and walked out toting a cardboard box containing the contents of my desk and what felt like my entire identity.


"I still wasn’t sure what would come next, but deep down I knew my entire life was about to change..."


From there, my entire life became focused on healing myself — inside and out, medically and metaphysically, past hurts and new. During this time, I was able to immerse deeply in all the spiritual shizzle and energy modalities that had always lit my soul on fire — meditation, mindfulness, yoga, kinesiology, energy healers, shamans, psychics, mediums, green smoothies, the works.

This immersion fed me in a way I hadn’t even realised I was hungry for. And — thanks be to Buddha, bliss balls, and sweet baby Jesus — it started to work. I began to piece myself back together. To come home to myself. To start to begin the journey to healing.

The funny thing was, none of this woo-woo stuff was new to me. I’d grown up in a household steeped in spiritual practice and ancient wisdom but being so caught-up in the corporate world, I’d sometimes forgotten about how powerful this spiritual stuff was, or felt like I had to hide my affinity for it, lest I be considered a “freak”... (Pfffft.)



My quest for self-healing and radical truth cracked me open, and continues to ask me to rise up everyday.

Somewhere along the way, I realised I no longer wished for the two parts of me that I’d kept so fiercely divided — the brainy business stuff, and the soul-led spiritual stuff — to be separate any more.

I also realised that that separation was part of what was keeping me stuck.

Besides, I’d seen how freaking powerful it was to combine the two: so many left-brained business peeps I’d seen were hollow shells because they were neglecting their soulful side... While so many beautiful healers and lightworkers I’d encountered were struggling to make ends meet because they hadn’t yet mastered all the money and marketing stuff.

... Which got me thinking: what if I could use both sets of my skills (thanks, universe) to help them see the power and possibility in embracing the whole kit and caboodle — saving the world AND making bank; making money AND making a difference?


So that’s what you’ll find here, on this website —

It’s a space for us all to quench our thirst, to shine as much light into the world as possible, and to help others to do the same.

Here, it’s not just ‘ok’ to talk about mysticism and marketing in the same sentence, or to mention abundance and attribution models in the one breath… we know it’s actually THE BEST WAY to do the work we were born to do, and to make the kind of impact (and income) we desire to make.

Because the truth is we are all drops in the same ocean, we are all rays from the same fierce fiery sun… and when we rise together and bring our full selves to the table? We are undeniably unstoppable.



So this little F word? With all the freedom and power that it embodies? It’s now the guiding philosophy for how I live my life, and how I teach others to create theirs too...

Because seriously, fuck anything less than a life that turns you on. You should be wildly obsessed with your life — it’s your only one, after all. It should be your first choice, your Plan A, and it should make you tingly in your nether-regions. I’m serious: It. Should. Turn. You. On.

Fuck anyone who tells you it can’t be done. Or that it’s “not realistic for someone like you.” I’m the living, breathing proof that epic, mind-blowing change can happen for anyone — even if your life right now is all kinds of crappy, and you’ve got wounds, hang-ups, illness or painful baggage weighing you down. (Heck, I certainly do! But I promise: it doesn’t need to define you or hold you back.)

And fuck trying to fit into the neat little box that society, or your parents, or the voice inside your head says you ‘should’ fit into. (We’ll all be jammed into a coffin — another neat little box — soon enough. Don’t confine yourself to one before your time!)

For you.

That’s why I’m here. That’s why this site is here.

I’m here for the soulpreneurs and the spirit junkies. The movers, shakers, and wholehearted rule-breakers. The ones who defy convention, who believe in hope, and who ache to make a difference.

I’m here for the rebel-hearts who yearn to raise the vibration of the planet, to share their gifts with the world, and to create authentic personal abundance whilst doing it. (Because let it be said: being a burnt-out, financially struggling lightworker does not serve you OR the planet, but it does diminish your ability to make an impact.)

I’m here for the ones who long to be MOVED and STRETCHED, who long for communion with truth, and who couldn’t care less about superficial fluff and filler.

Basically, if your soul is on a mission to make a difference, I’m for you.

And I’m honoured to welcome you in.

Kris – Mission V03 - 2019


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