6 Ways To Hear Your Inner Voice

Have you heard it?

Soft little whispers to turn left when your GPS indicates right.
A dream-stopping shout; ‘Hurry up and quit your dead-end job!’

Or even a random song lyric that seems to follow you wherever you go….

And when you get the message, there’s no-one around.

Weird, huh? So where in the heck are these words coming from?
Brace yourself. It’s your inner voice. (Phew! You’re not going mad!)

Yep. Those messages from out of nowhere are actually coming from within YOU.

We’ve all got one – you don’t have to be super-special or go and do an expensive course to access your inner voice. Trouble is, many of us are too busy with er, *life* to pay attention to this special channel of consciousness. Or, even when we hear it, the voice goes ignored.

But listening to your inner voice is oh-so powerful. Imagine just knowing you are on the right path and you have a loving ally right beside you… That’s the role your inner voice is waiting to play in your life.


Your inner voice is a like a divine BFF with only your highest good in mind. It wants you to live the best life possible and is ready and raring to steer you there. It wants to guide you, and it wants you to listen.

Best of all, it simply takes a little flick of the dial to hear your inner voice better. Are you ready to listen in?

Here are 6 ways to turn up the volume and amplify your inner voice:

1. Shhhhh!
Eager to hear to your inner voice? Then shut up already! All too often, the messages are drowned out by the noise, distraction and chaos of everyday life.


Dial down the volume of your day-to-day with designated time and space for quiet. Get out of the ‘burbs and enjoy a walk in nature, switch off the car radio on your commute, simply be still and shush up. Create peaceful pockets of ‘white space’ throughout your day rather than rushing frantically from one activity to the next. Only then, the inner voice gets a chance to pipe up.

But it’s not just external noise and frenzy blocking the inner voice. Most of us are held hostage by a ‘monkey mind’ that is constantly leaping from thought to thought, and tripping over worries and doubts.


Learning how to meditate helps to tame this monkey mind and clear a path for the wisdom within.


(Tip: If you find silence challenging, or meditation a bit weird, start with 5 minutes simply sitting down comfortably and observing your breath.)


2. Discern the good from the bad

Do you have another voice (or two!) in your head telling you that you’re not good/ smart/ pretty/ rich/ talented/ special etc etc enough? Guess what? Everyone does! But this is not your inner voice. You’ll know your inner voice because it’s warm and encouraging rather than mean and nasty.

Here’s the kicker though, your inner voice will most likely nudge you toward things that are uncomfortable, unexpected and seemingly ‘off course’. Although your inner voice always has your best interests at heart, there will be times you’ll doubt that’s true and want to run a mile!

Get familiar with all the voices in your head so you can discern which one deserves the most airplay. (Hint – it’s not the mean one!)


3. Ask better questions

Perhaps you’ve already dabbled in conversation with your inner voice, but you’re not getting clear enough instruction to move forward. The key to clarity is to ask your inner voice great questions.


I mean, would you walk into a travel agency and say, ‘book me a holiday’, leave, then expect to be whisked away on the holiday of you dreams?

Thought not.

Just like your travel agent, your inner voice wants you to be specific. Ditch the vagueness and ask juicy, open-ended questions, such as:

What is the authentic source of my happiness?
How can I be more creative?
How can I expand my networks and friendships?

It’s not rocket science; if you ask vague questions, you’ll get vague answers, and those are the ones that will get you to your destination via the scenic route!

Journaling is a great way to ask questions. Here’s a quick run-down:

  • Grab a blank piece of paper and write your question at the top of the page
  • Set a timer (10 minutes is a great start) and free-write the answer
  • Keep your pen moving, even if what you write feels ridiculous
  • Keep going til the timer stops, or beyond if you’re on a roll
  • Read what you’ve written


4. Get out of the way

Once you’ve asked your questions, back off. Avoid the temptation to micro-manage or get too attached to any desired or anticipated outcome.

Rather, surrender and trust that your inner voice will deliver exactly the right guidance at exactly the right time. (And when I say right time, I mean divine time.  It’s verrrrry different to ‘real’ time…)

Trust, baby, trust. Just like the shampoo ad, it won’t happen overnight, but it will happen. And you know what, if it doesn’t happen, well, it simply wasn’t meant to be…

5. It takes two to tango

It’s fine to let your inner voice do it’s thing in the background, but for amazing direction, you gotta do some legwork on the ground.

Craving a new job?
Prepare by polishing your resume or buying a gorgeous new interview outfit.

Desperate to win the lotto?
Stop dreaming about how you’d spend your millions and buy a ticket..


When you pull your weight you’ll be amazed at the ‘coincidences’ that pop up in your life alongside the clarity of the messages from your inner voice.

And remember, action breeds momentum, Even a small step is a step in the right direction, right?


6. Expect the unexpected

Let go of your expectations around how your inner voice will communicate with you. And for some, it’s not actually a voice at all.


Little niggles, shivers and ‘gut feelings’ are all signals from your invisible guiding friend.

Plus, even though you’ve created quiet and space for your inner voice to show up, that’s not necessarily when and where it will appear. Be prepared for a bolt of clarity or new idea to arrive in the midst of the noise and activity of your everyday life.


Tune in to YOU FM

Each and everyone of us has access to beautiful, customised guidance via an inner voice.

With a little love, and a lot of patience, you can strengthen your relationship with your inner voice and boost your receptivity.


Tune in today and listen to your own special playlist.


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