34 Spiritual Lessons Worth Knowing

  1. Have Faith that you are on the right path and even if you feel lost there is always someone or something greater than you guiding you back on track.
  2. Just because you can’t see, touch, feel, or hear something – doesn’t mean it isn’t real.
  3. Your thoughts and emotions have the power to make you physically sick.
  4. You have the power to heal yourself.
  5. You are the only master of your own destiny.
  6. The truth will always set you free.
  7. What other people think of you isn’t your business.
  8. Never judge anyone, you never know what they may be going through.
  9. You are not the summation of your material possessions.
  10. Happiness is an inside job, every single day.
  11. Decluttering is an insanely therapeutic tool.
  12. Less material stuff in your home = less to clutter to clean = more time for the things you enjoy.
  13. Heartbreak hurts just as much at 33 as it did at 13.
  14. You will never forget your first love, no matter how hard you try.
  15. We have more than one soulmate in this lifetime.
  16. Money is a form of energy – it is neither good nor bad.
  17. The more money you have the bigger a difference you can make in the world.
  18. Smile at strangers, you never know what kind of day they are having.
  19. Forgiving yourself will be the hardest thing you will ever need to do.
  20. Forgiving others will bring you more peace than harbouring resentment.
  21. Music has the power to shift your energetic state.
  22. Hugging more people, more often, and for longer periods of time is therapeutic.
  23. Radical acceptance is more freeing than judgment or expectation.
  24. Eliminate the negative people in your life
  25. Your intuition is a valid decision making tool – trust is whole-heartedly.
  26. Not all spiritual people are good and not all good people are spiritual
  27. God does not live in a man made building.
  28. You are divine. It us upto you how you choose to shine.
  29. Do good deeds without anyone knowing or asking for recognition.
  30. Spend time with homeless, sick, or dying. It will change your world-view and your view of yourself.
  31. Travel will change everything you ever believed about the world and how you view yourself in it.
  32. Sometimes spirituality will take you further away from God.
  33. Prayer is the most bevelonet form of meditation.
  34. Trust. That there is a divine plan for you.

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