How Manifesting REALLY Works

A vision without action is fantasy.

This is a sentence worth saying a few times, maybe even daily.

And it’s really worth examining, as it may contain the secret to your success. How many big dreams have you had? Giant ideas that have filled you with overwhelming excitement or the certainty that this time, you’ve found the winning formula. Yet, after a while, the dream or idea dwindles away to nothing.

You may have started out believing that this time, this was a dream you really wanted. You may be asking, why didn’t I get what I truly desired?

The answer, my friend, is taking action.

The line between manifestation and fantasy is frighteningly thin. And the only thing that separates the two is whether you can get off your butt and take action. Visions, dreams and intentions go nowhere unless they are followed up with action.

And I’m not talking about a little bit of action. Nor do I mean some over-the-top burst of action that is so completely unsustainable that you burn out in a few weeks. I am talking about a well structured, reasonable, and attainable (over the long-term) action plan.

You can’t just dream big, you also have to have a plan to get there. That plan has to be chunked down into bite-sized, timed out pieces that you will actually have the time, energy and support to complete.

Most people over-do their initial commitment, and then when it gets too hard, let it collapse on top of them. As Tony Robbins says, “People over-estimate what they can do in a year, and underestimate what they can do in five”.

As a coach, I have seen familiar patterns of why people fail to take action. They usually lack one or all of the following: self-belief, organization, patience, and consistency. Eliminate these common roadblocks and you’ll be on your way.


Here are some tips to get yourself into action:

  1. Believe in yourself. You are worth it. If your self-love and self-compassion skills are lacking, so will be your ability to achieve your desires. If this is you, seek help. (Meditation, coaching, yoga, affirmations, psychology)
  2. Plan it out. What is the end goal? Let’s use an example: You want to get your website to basic functionality. How long do you expect that to take? Then, can you break that down into doable actions over periods of time? What will you do each month, each week, each day? What are the actual tasks to be done? Break it down and plan it out. Stick to the plan.
  3. Write your big vision down, and stick it everywhere. Make a vision board, tell your friends, announce it on facebook. Buy a whole journal dedicated to your goals, dreams, and plans.
  4. Baby steps. Make tiny, small steps toward your dreams, CONSISTENTLY. Persistence and patience rule out every time. Do not overcommit, and when you fail, start again.
  5. Go easy on yourself. Offer yourself positive reinforcement, celebrating each action achieved and every small win. When you fall into inaction, offer gentle encouragement instead of reprimanding, which never works. Be firm, but kind.
  6. Find a business coach or mentor to create clarity around your vision, to assist you along the way, and to hold you accountable for what you say you want.


Creatives like us often have endless ideas so it’s worth sifting through them to discover which ones are truly viable and most importantly, would bring you sustainable long-term joy. When you think you’ve found it, then sit down and create some structure around how you’re going to achieve it.


It’s the tiny actions you make consistently over time that lead to real-life manifestation. So the key here is…


Think big, act small, and just keep moving.

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